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Love, this is for you if you wish to take the next step in a certain area of your life and really want support, someone who is there with you and helping you going through emotions, staying motivated or holding you in grief.

This might be for 
- relationship endings, break-ups, death of loved ones
- empowering you in owning your sexuality 
- learning how to set boundaries and reconnecting to your body
- challenging times due to health crisis 
- learning how to build intimacy with people and create friendships


I stay with you in moments of challenge, when it gets uncomfortable or when you're stuck. I help you see blindspots or am just there with you. 

Let's get in touch to see what we can tailor individually for you and if we are a match. This journey is originally intended for 2 months, 1 session weekly. Depending on our schedules this can vary.

Your desires are your destiny.
You are meant to have what you wish for.

Let's do this, love

Bodywork Sessions 1-1

In 4 Bodywork Sessions we work on your body to see how we can support your process somatically. Our body is a major key for transformation or releasing emotions and holds deep wisdom of the unconsious.

Questions & Feedback

We are in touch via Telegram and you can ask questions, get advice or just share successes or challenges and get feedback, empathy or heartful listening - depending on what you need.

Coaching 1-1

In 4 Coaching Sessions we work with your mind and the different parts of yourself. We might go into inner child healing journeys, aspecting with your feminine and masculine side, or include Constellation or Channeling work.

Daily Practise

According to your process I will create a daily practise for you, tailored to your specific needs. This might include Nervous System Regulation, Trauma Release Exercises or Self love or Pleasure Rituals.


2 months of gifting yourself attention, support and love.

Payment plan is available.



"Anna's intuitive, passionate and sensible way to hold a loving space allowed me to surrender into utterly being me, letting go and feeling safe and courageous, as I traveled trough a beautiful guidance trough a collective journey where intimate and maybe emotional topics could release and meet in heartfelt relativeness with others and oneself. 

Resulting in blissful feelings of Acceptance, womanhood, connection, love, vulnerability, sensuality, patience and passion, I am so grateful to have been in part in Anna's space."

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