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De-armouring Bodywork, Coaching & Womb Initiations

Shamanic De-armouring

   your body knows...

"When we learn how to follow and listen to our body,
we are guided back home and

start living the life we are meant to live"

Beautiful Soul,

I'm serving Truth Seekers, Lovers, Mothers, curious Explorers and
the ones who want to love themselves more -

to let go of old chains and bring back Love.



Learn how to feel Boundaries &
how to stand up for them.

Larn how to stay present with yourself,
instead of abandoning you &
create safety and trust within yourself.

Become your inner KING & QUEEN and see them mirrored outside.



What is Dearmouring?

We oftentimes notice our body only when it hurts.
Headache, backpain, numbness:
It doesn't function as we would like it and then 
we get frustrated.

Yet our body is so much more than just a functioning vehicle. 
It's our most magic ally & guide to keep us on the right path.
Our Body is the Portal to our Soul and
 keeper of ancient wisdom, ready to share it all with you.

By learning the language of your Body and understanding what it's communicating to you, through pain, sickness or stiffness, you have the chance to not only release old patterns, but to find Bliss.

In my De-armouring (Entpanzerung) Sessions, I help you with this process. Through special techniques including Breath-, Body- & Emotional Work we dive into the messages your body has for you- and will find out, that your Body is always FOR you, not against you.

I'm Anna. 
Bodyworker and Intimacy Coach.

Hello Love, 

Through Bodywork I gained so much trust, confidence and safety in my own life. I understood that the safety I was searching outside in the world, is right inside of me.

My body is my best guide and ally in this journey towards fulfillment and purpose.

I serve Women, Men and people of all gender, who feel the desire for more expression & wildness in their life, who want to let go of prisons inside of themselves and long for a deeper
, more meaningful and magic life. 


Love, Anna

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