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There are so many gods and religions 

Allah, Muhammad, Buddah, the father in the sky, we praise to all the prophets -

And one we forgot. 

The one that we don't have to wait for, because it is already here.

Right now, in this 3D reality. This God doesn't write books or bibles, nor does it teach us about good and evil.

This god never said that bleeding women are dirty,

or that sex is a sin. Not even patriarchy could rewrite its truth.

This one God, unites us, rather than separates. This god teaches us to listen rather than fight.

This god is our home and shelter, 

our nourishment and pleasure 

it is medicine and magic, and tastes wild and smells like freedom.

This god is for all people and all beings alive,

Black people, white people,

Rich and poor,

Palestinians or Israelis, Arabs or Russians, We're all the same and worthy of love.

It's the God that no one fights for - 

Humanity is blind.

It can not see what is right in front of their eyes.

Under their feet.


She, who we are made of.

Every heart beat in us, is earth beating through us.

Why do we draw a line between us and nature? When we are nature. When did we start drawing a line between us and god/dess?

When what you search out there, is right inside you.

From my heart to yours.

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